Prestigious Gavel Award



203rd Judicial District Court for being awarded The Fragile Gavel Award while serving Dallas County

GRACE (Gulf Coast Regency Advocacy Center) presents this award to courageous jurists who have the integrity to faithfully and strictly follow the spirit and letter of the Constitution with disregard for their own political fortunes and to recognize courage in the fair administration of justice. This honor is not awarded every year, but only when a member of the judiciary has distinguished him or herself by dispensing true Justice in the face of tremendous pressures to the contrary. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Justice consists not being in neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong.” Judges who know this – and who, more importantly, summon the fortitude to act upon it – are all that stand between us and the “tyranny of…unbridled, undisciplined feelings.”

WOW Women of Wisdom Award – for dedication & encouragement to the community.
Elite News Mabel Chandler Distinguished Award

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