Former Judge Teresa Hawthorne Was Special Judge for ATLAS COURT (Achieving True Liberty & Success)
A Special Mental Health Court


28 years combined experience as Criminal Defense Attorney & Judge

While serving as State district Judge, Teresa received the Prestigious Fragile Gavel Award; an award presented to courageous jurists who have the integrity to faithfully and strictly follow the spirit and letter of the Constitution with disregard for their own political fortunes.

Teresa has been recognized by Dallas Observer as a Judge who is one of Dallas Metro’s Most Interesting Characters: Recognized by Elite News with two awards ( Women of Wisdom Award & Mable Chandler Distinguished Community Award)

As attorney & Judge she presided over many jury trials including but not limited to Capital Murders.

Teresa has experience with writing Appellate Briefs & Appellate Research

As a Judge she consistently worked on Bail Reform and now as a Defense Attorney she continues to do the same. She also worked to integrate defendants in her court back into society by helping with job searches as she also continues to do as Defense Attorney.

She was a Judge who realized that rehabilitation does not come overnight & that prison is not the remedy for non-violent offenders.

Hawthorne consistently released a defendants early from probation after two to three years if they were doing well; no reason for-longer probation; keeping men $ women down is not the Will of God 

She gave time served on country costs & fines and often lowered probation fees when necessary.

Teresa’s “Open Door Policy” was for all citizens. Probationers were allowed to see Judge Hawthorne at any time with any problems they may have been having while on probation. 

Hawthorne firmly believes in Justice for all & when asked by the DMN if there is room fr Grace in the Justice System, she responded with “There is no Justice without Grace.”

Hawthorne is a former & past member of many legal organizations

Her volunteer work includes but is not limited to Speaking at Schools regarding the importance of education and & staying drug free; and she provides & collects a variety of school supplies for as many students as possible

Former Judge Hawthorne grew up in Garland; Graduated from Garland High school where she was a cheerleader and a class Vice President. Then in Garland she taught High School English & Physical Education; was the Senior Class Sponsor & the Girls ‘Head Athletic Coach at North Garland High School before attending Law School.

Bachelor & Master of Science: Texas A&M Commerce
Published Masters Thesis on Cardiovascular Efficiency
Law Degree: St. Mary’s School of Law: San Antonio 

Teresa is passionate about Justice her pets her family her friends & helping other with life’s struggles; she believes that listening loving & understanding each other is the purpose of life.